16 Corruption, 26 Terorism Inmates Receive Independence Day Remissions

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights granted remissions to 175,510 inmates on the country’s 78th Independence Day. 

Public Relations Coordinator at the Directorate General of Penitentiary, Rika Aprianti, explained that hundreds of thousands of inmates that received independence day remissions were general and special inmates, including corruption and terrorism convicts. 

“There are 16 corruption convicts and 26 terrorism convicts,” Rika said in her office Thursday, August 17. But she did not detail if the corruption and terrorism convicts received half remission or would be freed immediately. 

“Overall, the maximum number of remissions (decreased detention period) is 6 months,” said Rika.

Rika explained that Independence Day remissions were granted to inmates that met the administrative and substantive requirements based on Law Number 22/2022 on Correctional. 

Director General of Correctional, Reynhard SP Silitonga, previously said that of the total of inmates that received the remission, 2,606 received general remission I or free immediately, while 172,904 inmates received general remission II or half remission. 

“On this independence day, we granted general remissions to 175,510 inmates,” said Reynhard in a press conference held at his office on Thursday, August 17. 

“Three regions with the highest number of remission grantees are North Sumatra, East Java, and West Java,” Reynhard added.

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